Gasoline Radio team in cooperation with cameraman and editing director Ievgenii Tsap, with the support of SHUM RAVE NGO and IZOLYATSIA fund, present an audio-visual documentary story about an expedition to the origins of Ukrainian culture. 
This is the story of how a team of enthusiasts created an independent radio station during the war, using the example of a specific region to demonstrate the depth and richness of our musical heritage. A treasure that became the basis for the creativity of future generations and a catalyst for self-awareness as a part of the people. 
Leaving Kyiv, in which Gasoline's activities were focused on supporting the under-exposed layer shaping the musical present, the viewer goes with the team in search of the settlements of Carpathian mountains that are richest in cultural artifacts. The soul caught in the lens, which the local population discovers through playing and singing, conversations with instrument masters and traditional music, immersion in a life steeped in special traditions - going deep into the timeline of the film, the authors look deeper into the question of the inseparability of culture and history. 
Sensing and researching the environment in which the sprouts of Ukrainian culture grew, the authors of "Heritage" draw attention to the importance of realizing its scope and influence, despite regular oppression and trials, at the same time demonstrating what they are unable to tell about the traditional music of the conservatory and the philharmonic.